Sunless Airbrush Tanning

Spray tanning has quickly become a great alternative to UV tanning.   

Many are turning to this to avoid the risks of skin cancer and premature aging.

Celebrities have been doing this for years to keep up with appearances. 

When you first come visit us please arrive a few minutes early to fill out some brief paperwork.  This is just general information and asks you to describe your skin type so we know which spray tan solution to start you with.  If under 18, we ask for a parent's signature.  If you are coming for a special event we recommend a trial tan 2-3 weeks before and then your event tan 1-2 days prior for the freshest look. You then will be taken to the room where the magic happens!  You will be left alone to undress to your comfort level. Once you are ready, you will stand inside the tanning area and ring the designated bell to signal the technician.Two coats of the spray tan solution will be applied, starting with the back and then the front.  The technician will let you know when you need to move, so no need to be overwhelmed with positions. A full body spray tan can be achieved in under 5 minutes.  After the tanning is done, the technician will dry you off with a warm dryer and dust you with powder. Voila! You are now a bronzed beauty!