While on vacation, you may wish to bring along our travel-sized bottle of Extended Stay. This every-other-day lotion is richly moisturizing and contains a small amount of the solution that we use in the salon to tan you. This prolongs your tan by keeping your skin moisturized and gradually tans you so that while on vacation your tan will stay beautiful for the duration and beyond. 

Avoid any heavy scrubbing for the first several days to a week after your tan. When you are ready for your tan to come off, you may wish to use our Scrubtious Exfoliator. We recommend a dime-sized amount mixed with your body wash. This should remove the last remnants of your tan and get your skin prepared for your next visit. If you're not coming in right away for another tan, still follow this procedure and moisturize as normal. 

You may wish to use a newer razor during this time as older blades may need you to use a heavier hand when shaving. 

Over the past decade, we have paid special attention to  our formulas. We have customized our own blends so that we are able to offer our clients and members a wide variety of options that best fit their natural skin tone while giving them a healthy natural-looking golden tan. Our formulas do not have any of the orange undertones that are a part of spray-tan history. Instead, they are all red-based and resemble what you might actually obtain from the sun. Thankfully, a GLO on the GO tan will make you beautifully tan without early aging or skin cancer risks you might otherwise get from tanning beds or long hours in the sun. 

The best way to maintain your tan is to come to your tanning appointment with well exfoliated skin that is free of any lotions, deodorants or perfume. After your first shower and every day thereafter is it important to keep your skin hydrated. Use a lotion that does NOT contain any mineral oil, baby oil or petroleum as these ingredients actually dry out your skin and could result in an uneven looking tan as it fades. 

Appointments are reserved in advance in 20 minute increments. Please arrive a few minutes early to each session. We strive to meet each appointment time so that you can also stay on time for your daily activities. 



Maintaining your tan

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