Owner, GLO on the GO
Co Owner, L Spa Modern
Exclusive Indiana Affiliate, Liquid Sun Rayz

Owning her own business just seemed natural to Gail. Afterall, her parents were both entrepreneurs themselves and Gail knew she was on the verge of finding her niche when one of her earliest jobs offered specialty training for the dyeing of leather furniture. Here she began using an airbrush/HVLP (high volume low pressure) spray gun. After perfecting this skill and working in that field for some time, she applied this knowledge and furthered her education in the art and formulation of sunless tanning and sunless tanning products. Since this time, she has effectively become an expert in her field and has had nationwide recognition as a small business owner. She has been featured locally on INsight 21Alive as well as a variety of radio programs as a Sunless Tanning Expert.

Her mission: educating the public by ridding them of the “orange” stigma and more importantly on finding a safe alternative to tanning in the sun or using tanning beds. Gail is very outspoken regarding Skin Cancer Awareness and has formed business relationships with local Doctors, Dermatologists and Charities that help raise awareness as well as offer their own patients and staff a safe alternative to achieving a beautiful tan without the harmful rays of tanning beds.

Gail has gone even further by developing an all natural product line for women and recently launched her new BRO GLO line specifically for men.  Adding to her list of accomplishments, GLO on the GO has been the exclusive sunless tanning expert for Dance Tonight’s instructors and students alike.

Furthermore, Gail has become an affiliate with Liquid Sun Rayz of Indiana, tanning for body-building, dance and a variety of other competitors. Her territory covers the entire state of Indiana and travels on location for National Championships as needed.

As of April of 2014, she and her husband, Chad, acquired L Spa Modern, their only true competition in the Fort Wayne area. Gail’s plan to expand includes setting up two more locations for GLO on the GO that are convenient to her current clients and for those to come. Over the last 10 years she has diligently worked to develop a spray tan experience you won't find anywhere else.

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Perfectly Ballroom by GLO on the GO

Offering on-site competition spray tanning most recently in Savannah, GA, Minneapolis, MN and Cleveland, OH. Perfecting your routine as a competitor is only the first step. It’s well known in the industry that how you present yourself from head-to-toe is all part of the judging. We know that along with their flawless hair and makeup, their skin should be perfectly tanned and luminous under the harsh lights. Every last detail is taken into consideration and perfected right up to the moment they take the stage.

Gail Ward - Liquid Sun Rayz of Indiana - Licensed Affiliate of Indiana / Illinois & Certified Spray Tan Technician Article below from the website; timeline updated:

"Gail Ward, the  owner of GLO on the GO in Fort Wayne, IN and the licensed Liquid Sun Rayz Affiliate of Indiana/Illinois.  Over 10 years ago she began airbrush spray tanning to provide a safe way to tan those in her community.  With skin cancer running rampant in Gail’s family, UV tanning was not an option for her.  This was the perfect alternative to a great tan without the harmful side effects.About 6 years ago GailI was contacted by Marilyn Spatola, owner of Liquid Sun Rayz, and was asked to spray one of her competitor clients that was coming to Fort Wayne for a body-building show. It was then that she first discovered the beauty that is Liquid Sun Rayz Competition Bronzer.  Thus began the wonderful privilege of training with Marilyn and her team.  Gail considers herself very fortunate to be among LSR's highly trained, certified and international group of competition tanning specialists.Along with her assistant's Abigail, Alyssa, and several others, they have personally taken care of hundreds of competitors in the Indiana/Illinois area.  They have also had the opportunity to travel to Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio and Canada to assist Marilyn and other affiliates with local and national level shows."

National recognition from Sam’s Club and a feature article on their global website

GLO on the GO
Location: Fort Wayne, Ind.

Article taken from the link above:

"Gail Ward started her small business, GLO on the GO, to provide spray-tanning services to her community in Fort Wayne, Ind.For Ward, the reason for starting this business was very personal — her family has a history of skin cancer and she truly wanted to find a way to offer women and men a viable alternative to the sun and a way to help them feel good about themselves. GLO on the GO is currently the sole business in Fort Wayne to provide only spray-tanning services. The business is growing rapidly with a regular client base, as well as new clients who come in for special occasions.Ward connected with Sam's Club grantee the Indiana Innovation Center and received a mentor. Ward was one of hundreds of small business owners across the U.S. to participate in local Grow Your Business Boot Camps sponsored by Sam's Club.The camps are part of an initiative by Sam’s Club and the Sam’s Club Giving Program to support small businesses. Sam’s Club has allocated up to $500,000 in grants to local nonprofit organizations in 25 cities to provide resources for local business owners.The boot camp came at a pivotal time in Ward’s business, helping her to develop a business plan, set up a system to more effectively manage her financials, create a training manual for new hires and look at ways to expand the business, including the potential acquisition of an additional business."I feel like the boot camp was life-changing — it was awesome,” said Ward “To know that someone like Sam’s on a local basis cared that I succeeded meant a lot, and I had never had that experience. My business was growing but I didn’t have a plan or my financials in order.”"The boot camp helped me realize that I needed to set myself up for success."Find out more about the non-profits who may be receiving grants near you at Boot camps will be advertised locally by the nonprofits."

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My name is Gail Ward, owner of GLO on the GO.  I know that with a variety of sunless tanning options out there, it may be difficult to decide who to trust with your spray tan.  I would like to take just a moment to explain why I started this business and why you can trust your tan with us. Over 13 years ago I began airbrush tanning.  With skin cancer running rampant in my family, I knew that UV tanning was not an option for me.  My sisters and I were always on the search for the perfect sunless tan.  You name the lotion, we tried it!  While visiting my newly transplanted, Floridian sister, Esther, she introduced me to airbrush spray tanning. This up and coming way of tanning without the harmful effects of UV rays certainly intrigued me. I knew I was not alone in desiring to gain the confidence of a tan without the risk of skin damage. Once home, I put in countless hours of research. I convinced my other sister, Carla, to join me on this new venture. We invested in training and equipment and opened a small airbrush tanning salon in Kendallville, IN. It took work to introduce this new tanning method to the community, but we built a good clientele.  We were very dedicated to improving our technique and products.  
 Unfortunately, due to family responsibilities we had to close the doors.  But I missed it! I missed being able to help people that had survived melanoma cancer gain their confidence back. I missed giving brides their wedding day glow and girls getting ready for prom. So in early 2009 GLO on the GO was established in Fort Wayne, IN inside of a salon on the southwest side. I was once again able to provide this wonderful service to my previous clientele and gain a great following in Fort Wayne. This growth allowed me to expand to a new location in April of 2013.

I am confidant that my assistants and I will provide you with a service beyond any other, from beginning to end.  Our main concern is that we help to educate you on sunless tanning and that you leave with the best tan you've ever had! We endeavor to answer any questions you may have. I hope we have the opportunity to see you soon!
Sincerely, Gail

Dear Friend,

"I love what i do! And my hope is that you do too!"

Owner, Gail Ward

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